2024 LGBTQ+ Health Care Conference

Welcome to the 2024 LGBTQ+ Health Care Conference, where we are proud to unveil our empowering theme: "Elevating Health Equity: Forging a New Narrative." This year, we embark on a journey to redefine the discourse surrounding LGBTQ+ health, fostering a space for innovation, inclusivity, and progress. 


🌈 Why "Elevating Health Equity"? 
This theme propels us beyond the conventional boundaries, challenging us to transcend disparities and elevate the standard for LGBTQ+ health care. How can we ensure that health equity is not just a goal but a reality for every individual, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation? 


🌐 Forging a New Narrative: What Does It Mean? 
In a world constantly evolving, so must our narrative. We are determined to change outdated stereotypes and stigmas, creating a narrative that reflects the diverse spectrum of LGBTQ+ health experiences. How can we collectively rewrite the story to be more inclusive, understanding, and supportive?   


🚀 The Power of Innovation: Shaping the Future of LGBTQ+ Health Care 
This conference isn't just about discussing challenges; it's about finding solutions. Join us in exploring innovative strategies, cutting-edge research, and holistic approaches that have the potential to revolutionize LGBTQ+ health care.


💬 The Conversation Starts Here: Your Voice Matters
This theme is not just a statement; it's a call to action. Your voice, experiences, and ideas are integral to forging this new narrative. How can we collectively amplify the voices of marginalized communities and ensure that their unique health needs are met with understanding and respect?  

Join us for the Conference Kickoff Event | Wednesday, April 10

This year, our in-person kickoff event will be hosted at the Indiana Historical Society. The LGBTQ+ Health Care Conference Kickoff event will serve as a networking opportunity for our local community. The event will feature a panel discussion, refreshments, local vendors, and a space for community partners to share their passion, mission, and resources with the attendees. Even if you are not attending the conference we would love to see you at the kickoff event!

IU School of Medicine Center for Inclusive Excellence